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Civil War era in the Trans-Mississippi Theater
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A Few Notes From The Author


Hello, I'm Carolyn M. Bartels, an author, researcher, and most of all, a lady fascinated with the remarkable history of our great nation.

   My interest in the Trans-Mississippi theater , and especially Missouri, began as I traced my ancestors early migration into the area in the early 1800's.

     As, step by step, I followed their lives into the years of the conflict, it became apparent that records were few and far between. Many were lost forever as courthouses were burned or shelled.

     In many instances the only available resources were old diaries, county histories, and musty back rooms in county court houses.

     As my store of records grew, I realized that these, and the records of other researchers, needed to be preserved.

     And so, Two Trails Publishing was born!

     As we progressed, we added books that we felt would be of interest to writers and researchers, but, have always tried to stay with our credo of only using and printing primary source material.

     We hope our publications will assist you in whatever task you have undertaken, and that you will come back and visit us often.